FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - (Moorpark, CA) May 12, 2020


Veo is a portable and affordable video solution that helps football teams record and analyze matches and training sessions without the need for a cameraman. The camera has two 4K lenses to capture the entire field and AI powered software automatically detects the ball and creates a broadcast experience of your matches.  Coaches, players and parents can organize recordings and mark, download and share highlights or export your entire match or training session.



College Fit Finder is the nation’s most comprehensive online college recruitment platform that empowers a player to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level.  The system not only provides individuals with branded player profiles, college filtering, messaging, video editing, amongst dozens of other features, but it provides uniformity to the club's recruiting efforts by allowing its coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping their athletes throughout the process.  This club collaboration in turn makes the lives of College Coaches much easier as they can engage with over 100,000 quality student-athletes from around the country who are all looking for roster spots at the next level. 


The general recruiting process is broken and the answer to “How do I get seen by College Coaches” always seems to be “go to more showcases and you’ll get recruited”.  Unfortunately, that’s just not the way it works.  College Coaches simply don’t have the bandwidth to attend every game and if a player doesn’t have updated video on their profile, chances are they will be overlooked. 


With the power of Veo’s recording ability, players can capture footage of their games, clip the highlights, and upload them with ease to their CFF profile.  College Coaches can in turn evaluate athletes remotely over time without needing to do each assessment in person.  It saves time, it saves money, and it may be the difference between playing in college or being a spectator. 



College Fit Finder CEO Greg Allen had this to say about the partnership...


“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Veo.  Their technology is not only the most streamlined and cost-effective video solution we’ve ever seen, but they are the perfect complement to the College Fit Finder platform.  Video has become such a huge part of recruiting, and we are quite surprised that in the year 2020, how many student-athletes struggle with the process because they don’t have documented proof of their abilities to show College Coaches.  Simply put, Veo solves the problem.”  Greg Continues, “Finally, clubs can provide everything their players need in the recruiting process... and their families and their commits will thank them.”  


Lee Hudson, the U.S. Marketing Manager for VEO commented on the partnership...


“Veo is very excited to partner with College Fit Finder, an incredible online recruiting platform that helps players achieve their goal of playing at the college level.  Originally from the United Kingdom, I was not aware of how important playing at the college level was for athletes here in the states. Now, 12 years later I not only understand the value of the recruitment process, but the benefits socially, mentally and physically that playing at the college level offers.”


“I know that college coaches across the country are inundated with players reaching out, all hoping for a place on the roster.  With a college coach only having so much time to travel to games, their ability to view potential recruits using an online platform like CFF is key to the whole process.”  Lee adds... “Players being able to capture their games with Veo and build an online profile with CFF is why we see this partnership as not one for the companies but one for our customers.”


The college recruiting process has already changed dramatically over the past decade, but it is quite clear that it will look even more different after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  Events will be different, leagues will be different, the overall youth soccer experience will be different... and College Coaches will need a more creative way to recruit players.  The strategic partnership between College Fit Finder and Veo will provide the solution College Coaches need as they will finally be able to access a huge recruiting base of qualified student-athletes, all of who should now have Veo-filmed videos on their profiles to help validate their abilities.  It’s simple... everybody wins.