Virtual College Search Tips

Written by Becky Ugander at Educational Pathfinder

The world is opening back up, but virtual opportunities aren’t going to go away. We may be tired of all the screen calls, but let’s be honest, we do find them convenient. Soon we will have the chance to pick between virtual and in-person experiences, something that’s been out of our control for over a year. Since being limited to virtual recruiting exclusively during this time, most colleges developed excellent communication tools, outreach, live, and recorded programming.

If you choose to keep your college search electronic for the time being, here are some suggestions. All of these are great ways to build demonstrated interest, a factor in admissions at some colleges.

Attend a live, virtual admission information session. This is typically requires prior registration. You will hear the same stuff here that you would in person, chat is likely available for questions, and you will be connected to an admissions officer for follow up.

Connect with current students. Every school has sponsored social media that you can follow. It will provide you a good taste of the culture of the school. Some colleges are offering opportunities for a virtual meet and greet with students. They will frequently connect you with a student from your region or one who is studying something you are interested in.

Follow potential future professors. Don’t just look at the architecture, the dining halls, and the sports fields of the schools you may attend. Check out what some of those professors have done and what they are researching. Follow their social media!

Finally, take the virtual tours. Click all the arrows, take all the detours, listen to all the narrations. Nothing beats an in-person experience, so until the time comes that you choose to make a trip to campus, you have practically all the campuses at your doorstep.

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