SPOTLIGHT: TED Talk with Heather Mitts

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

How Psychology Plays a Part Both On and Off the Field - with 2X Olympic Gold and 1X World Cup Silver Medalist and Owner of Gold Medal Mindset, Heather Mitts

Psychology in sports is often overlooked, but an athlete's mentality plays a huge role to their overall success. It's important that athletes know whatever they're struggling with, they're not alone. Athletes competing even at the highest levels have had their fair share of downfalls as well. This TED Talk is a must watch for any athlete, but especially those dealing with injuries and other hardships.  Heather Mitts discusses coming back from an almost career-ending knee injury, to winning an NCAA Championship and 1 World Cup Silver and 2 Olympic Gold Medals. 

There were many helpful and influential speakers who participated in this TED Talk, but we are most excited to share with you 2x Gold Medalist and Owner of Gold Medal Mindset, Heather Mitts.  Heather played for the US Women's Soccer Team 136 times.  She also played for University of Florida and won an NCAA Championship in 1998.  She is currently a sports broadcaster and most importantly.... a Mom. 

To watch the TED Talk, click the photo to the left or click HERE

To visit Heather's Gold Medal Mindset website, click HERE

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