February 2021 - Why Should They Recruit You?

Another opportunity for a membership with Achieve Goals, a non-profile that helps students do just that - pursue their dreams. Athletes and club coaches and DOCs - take a look below to see how you/your athletes can win a membership, equipped with a $1500 college scholarship in the form of reduced tuition.

Athletes - let's practice for a minute. And by practice, we don't mean on the pitch like you're used to. We mean practice something that most athletes struggle with - Being yourself when talking to a college coach!

Seriously, though - Athletes struggle with this. They tend to put college coaches on a pedestal of some sort, get really nervous, start sweating, clam up, and can't think straight. If you take away one thing from this blog, make it this: College Coaches Are Just People. Truly. Like you and me. They have families, dogs, homes, and go grocery shopping just like us. When talking to them (which you'll have to do with your voice at some point, and not just your thumbs on your phone), take a deep breath and just be yourself.

"Why Should They Recruit You?" (Athlete Contest)

This month, let's do a test run. Make a video explaining to us at College Fit Finder (as if we were a college coach) and answer this question, "Why we should recruit you?" There are hundreds of reasons why we should, so don't think about what's the "right" answer or what we are "looking for." Just - Be - You. What makes you recruitable? Why are you an asset? Is it your communication on the pitch? Your leadership off the pitch? Are you the top scorer? Are you the hardest worker? Are you always the first one to practice and the last to leave? Is it your motivation? Do you keep everyone laughing (without being a goof-off and still getting the job done)? Why do your friends like you? Are you entertaining? A team player? What about in school? Do you get good grades (so that a coach doesn't have to worry about you flunking out of their school?) What awards have you won both athletically and academically, proving that you host any of the above qualities? Remember - There Are No Wrong Answers. Be you. And honestly... have fun! This is your time to brag and be yourself.

Pro Tip: When filling out your profile's Personal Statement, these are the types of things to list there.

Athletes can enter using the form HERE

**Deadline is 5:00pm PST Monday, March 1st, 2021**

"Most Coachable" (Coach Nomination)

Like all our other nominations so far, we're keeping this vague and leaving it up to you. But... here are some ideas! Of all the 8th-10th grade athletes you're currently working with, which have the shortest memory after a mistake? Who makes improvements the fastest? Who doesn't talk back and argue with you that you don't know what you're doing, and that they're the best thing to ever happen to this team? (Hopefully you don't run in to this TOO often, but we know your job, so we know you have at some point!) Which athletes are enjoyable to work with because they strive to get better each day? To sum it up... which of your athletes are the most coachable?

Feel free to nominate as many athletes as you'd like HERE

**Deadline is 5:00pm PST Monday, March 1st, 2021**

***For more information on Achieve Goals, visit our recent blog post HERE

Student-Athlete Criteria

  • Student-Athlete must be a high school sophomore, a high school freshman, or in 8th grade to participate in the monthly membership contests.

  • Student-Athlete must currently have an active College Fit Finder account.

More Info on the Tuition Rewards (Scholarship) included in Achieve Goals Memberships

The Tuition Rewards Program is a unique private college savings platform provided to our Achieve Goals families. Tuition Reward Points are like frequent flyer miles... but for COLLEGE TUITION! They are guaranteed discounts at over 400 private Colleges & Universities across the country and represent the minimum scholarship that a student will receive when he or she attends a member school. View Full List of Schools

Program Details

  • Distributions are given in the form of “points”, like “frequent flyer miles” programs.

  • Points are redeemed via “codes” given out by Achieve Goals at www.tuitionrewards.com

  • Upon the creation of a new account, AchieveU Members will be awarded 500 additional bonus points, so the first awarded scholarship equals $1,500.

  • A student can log more points by enrolling in additional courses offered through Achieve Goals.

  • A student can bank up to 4,000 points per year.

  • Individuals can earn up to $20,000 to their dream school within the network of schools through AG.

  • If student does not use the points, they don’t go to waste. The points can be transferred to any EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBER… cousins, grand kids, siblings, and more.

  • Total point allotment can equal up to 1 year’s full tuition (divided up of 4 years) at a college within the network.

  • When accepted, the student shows the school proper documentation and the points are automatically converted to dollars (1:1). The total is divided up over the student’s 4 years at the school.

  • The reduction in tuition is classified as a Merit Based Scholarship.

  • Accounts must be created by August 31st entering the student’s junior year.

  • Points can no longer be added after the August 31st entering the student’s senior year.

Why Colleges Participate

Colleges spend thousands in marketing dollars for each prospective student... so they gladly participate in the extensive network to further their EXPOSURE to families who ultimately get to know their school through the scholarship program.

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