DREAM BIG with Achieve Goals!

Achieve Goals, Inc. is an educational non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the community youth through various membership programs… and we are passionate about an individual’s right to dream big!

Since 2017, Achieve Goals has raised more than $200,000 in scholarships for individuals who are in active pursuit of their dreams. However, our recent rebranding has given us an opportunity to expand our offering with new programs being rolled out in the coming year.

2020 has been a difficult year for most, so we are excited to introduce our new membership program that includes an initial $1,500 tuition reduction (scholarship) at a network of over 400 top colleges and universities around the country.

More announcements will be coming soon regarding new opportunities to pursue your life path through Achieve Goals with online elective courses, additional scholarships, college search and recruiting platform, contests, awards, educational webinars, counseling, along with celebration & volunteer events.

Achieve Goals Mission: Our mission is to enhance our communities by positively impacting individuals through education, athletics, the arts, and entrepreneurship. We strive to inspire the individual to become a more active and engaged member of future generations by providing the tools, programs, scholarships, and opportunities needed to achieve his or her life goals. We firmly believe that when the emphasis is placed on bettering the life of the individual and by truly advocating the importance of giving to others, we will leave a positive and lasting impression on our world. ​


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