CFF Partners Up with Solutions For Tuition

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Solutions For Tuition, one of the nation’s most trusted college planning firms.

Solutions for Tuition (SFT) specializes in working with student-athletes, business owners, high achieving students, families that will have more than one student in college, widowed parents, families facing special circumstances, and more.

The company was founded in 2005 to help parents reduce the cost of college for their children. Since then, SFT has grown to become one of the most trusted college planning firms in the nation and has received many awards, including being voted winner of the coveted 5280 Magazine's "Best in Client Satisfaction" award and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. SFT believes that with proper guidance and planning, most families can significantly reduce the cost of college using legal and ethical strategies. The company sells no financial products, only great college planning advice.

"Solutions for Tuition offers a Free College Planning Analysis to every family, and they only work with families they can help save $20,000 or more on the cost of college."

College Fit Finder Director of Partnerships Geoff Raives had this to say about the partnership... “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Solutions for Tuition. This will allow us to provide tons of added value for everyone by giving families access to a free college tuition evaluation. Not only will players and parents learn how to save money on college tuition but they can sign up for an online class that will teach them the steps they need to take on the academic and enrollment side of the process. Jay and Morgan are both certified college planners that will provide education and information we can pass on to the families and clubs we work with. We are putting together relevant partnerships that will help educate and save people money, and Solutions for Tuition fits perfectly with that goal.”

Jay Murray, CEO for Solutions for Tuition commented on the partnership...

“We’re honored to partner with College Fit Finder. Together, we provide everything a player and his/her family needs to get admitted, play at great colleges, and save a lot of money doing it.”

Morgan Murray, Director of Marketing comments on the partnership...

“The College Fit Finder partnership is a game changer for families with college bound athletes and the organizations that serve them. The executive team of both organizations has decades of experience in the college planning business, including former US National goalkeeper, Brad Friedel & former professional soccer player, Geoff Raives.”

Everybody Wins...

The college academic process has already changed dramatically over the past decade, but it is quite clear that it will look even more different after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Solutions for Tuition will help us provide up to date information on how the pandemic is changing and affecting colleges and how to best navigate during this uncertain time. The strategic partnership between College Fit Finder and Solutions for Tuition will provide the solution families need as they will finally have access to more information and steps they need to save money on college tuition.

It’s simple … everybody wins.

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