April 2021 - What Do You Value in Your Teammates?

Continuing on with our 10 Achieve Goals Memberships per month - including $15,000 in college scholarships.


You obviously know that soccer is not all about you. You play on a team, right? Well, when you're on the pitch, what is it that makes you all a team? What do you value in your team mates? There could be hundreds of reasons, so we're leaving it up to you. We want to know what you look for and admire outside of yourself.

No video needed this month. You can submit your answers in written form.

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**Deadline is 5:00pm PST Monday, May 3, 2021**


You've most likely worked with hundreds of athletes in your time. Over the years, you've probably come up with a few must-haves in your athletes. Let us know what these traits are, and who embodies them best at your club or on your team. As per usual, we're keeping it vague on purpose. There could be hundreds of characteristics that make your current athletes stand out to you.

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**Deadline is 5:00pm PST Monday, May 3, 2021**

***For more information on Achieve Goals, visit our recent blog post HERE

Student-Athlete Criteria

  • Student-Athlete must be a high school sophomore, a high school freshman, or in 8th grade to participate in the monthly membership contests.

  • Student-Athlete must currently have an active College Fit Finder account.

More Info on the Tuition Rewards (Scholarship) included in Achieve Goals Memberships

The Tuition Rewards Program is a unique private college savings platform provided to our Achieve Goals families. Tuition Reward Points are like frequent flyer miles... but for COLLEGE TUITION! They are guaranteed discounts at over 400 private Colleges & Universities across the country and represent the minimum scholarship that a student will receive when he or she attends a member school. View Full List of Schools

Program Details

  • Distributions are given in the form of “points”, like “frequent flyer miles” programs.

  • Points are redeemed via “codes” given out by Achieve Goals at www.tuitionrewards.com

  • Upon the creation of a new account, AchieveU Members will be awarded 500 additional bonus points, so the first awarded scholarship equals $1,500.

  • A student can log more points by enrolling in additional courses offered through Achieve Goals.

  • A student can bank up to 4,000 points per year.

  • Individuals can earn up to $20,000 to their dream school within the network of schools through AG.

  • If student does not use the points, they don’t go to waste. The points can be transferred to any EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBER… cousins, grand kids, siblings, and more.

  • Total point allotment can equal up to 1 year’s full tuition (divided up of 4 years) at a college within the network.

  • When accepted, the student shows the school proper documentation and the points are automatically converted to dollars (1:1). The total is divided up over the student’s 4 years at the school.

  • The reduction in tuition is classified as a Merit Based Scholarship.

  • Accounts must be created by August 31st entering the student’s junior year.

  • Points can no longer be added after the August 31st entering the student’s senior year.

Why Colleges Participate

Colleges spend thousands in marketing dollars for each prospective student... so they gladly participate in the extensive network to further their EXPOSURE to families who ultimately get to know their school through the scholarship program.

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