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    • "Not a new version... the next Generation of College Fit Finder.
    • Not a recruiting service.  Technology.  You do the work... you get yourself recruited.
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    • "We are out to completely change the the recruiting process."

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    • The Recruiting Process -- Because it is crazy, you need this. Time, Frustration, we solve them
    • ​Competitors -- whatever formula you use... it always equals CFF
    • Because College is ridiculously expensive
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    • Trusted by thousands + Clubs -- The Best Trust us.  Hundreds of clubs, thousands of users
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    • The Recruiting Process is Crazy... so we fixed it.
    • Either you play for a club that cares about your future... or you don't
    • "More than a system... it's an actual solution"
    • Our Mission is simple... get you connected to colleges.
    • Recruiting Hackers
    • For about a cup of coffee per month per player
    • Only you can decide if it's worth a college education for your players... for about a cup of coffee per player per month  
    • It's no longer a want... it's a need
    • Because if you don't, your best players will leave your club.
    • Find your Fit... use us, get recruited
    • We are an asset... not an expense
    • Step out of the dark ages... come on the water is warm.  
    • Who goes a day without their iphone... so why would you not use technology for the recruiting process
    • We are the next generation in college recruiting.  
    • We weren't the first... we won't be the last... but we are the best.  We are College Fit Finder.  We are the next Generation of College Recruiting.
    • Concept makes sense right... take student-athletes wanting access and information on Colleges, and colleges wanting access and information on targeted student-athletes.












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