Student Information Systems

Student Information Systems are antiquated. Many are legacy programs updated over time to fulfill new needs that have popped up in the marketplace, but their foundations are unfortunately built upon an outdated understanding of today’s user. Everything has changed in the last 10 years. Education has changed, people have changed, relationship dynamics have changed, the way we absorb information has changed, and the technology connecting our world has conceived an entirely new perspective on a how we experience life.

Unfortunately, today's Student Information Systems are simply behind the times. Colleges use these platforms to focus on the Institutional Life Cycle of their enrolled students, thus creating an experience within the system that begins and ends with registration and commencement. Our question is why? Why do these systems compartmentalize so much of a person's overall life cycle… and then subsequently hand these users over to another database/company that focuses on the next life cycle segment? Where are the bridges from High School to College… from one College to another… and from College to the Professional world?

We have begun development on the second phase of our master plan… College Fit Finder's own Student Information System in collaboration with our data compliance / blockchain partner. However, our vision is different than any other platform on the market as we will not only concentrate on the overall user experience in college, but we will be bridging the gap between high school and higher education. This disjointed and stressful transition is currently being ignored by other solutions that only focus on the narrow college lifecycle… but we won't. We are already the market leader in helping high school student-athletes on to the next phase of their life, and we will be using the proven College Fit Finder framework to not only provide solutions to the college lifecycle, but we will be utilizing its full application in addressing so many other needs of a person's overall life cycle.

Our experience creating College Fit Finder for High School Student-Athletes has proven invaluable in exposing how a substantive, interactive, engaging system should be constructed and maintained. It takes foresight, prudence, and overall thoughtfulness in not only the development of such an impressive system, but it takes that same fortitude to execute growth strategies that propel that same technology to become the undisputed market leader in a crowded industry.

See below for some areas of focus…

Student Recruiting

Student Recruiting is the backbone of any college's sustainability. However, simply filling the seats isn't enough… an institution's reputation is built upon their ability to attract the right type of students. Unfortunately, the last few decades of consistently increasing High School graduation classes has created a false sense of security amongst college admissions offices as they have benefited from the sheer number of students entering the postsecondary realm. Schools subsequently invested in more dorms, more classrooms, and better overall infrastructure. However, the "Golden Age of Admissions" is coming to an end with High School Graduation numbers expected to decline over the upcoming years… and the increased competition to secure these coveted students could turn ugly. If colleges aren't equipped to properly market their offering to targeted groups, if they aren't able to efficiently manage their database of prospective students, or if their tracking mechanisms for these potential applicants are outdated, schools will face some tough times ahead.

Student Recruiting

We believe in connectivity… and connectivity starts with information associated with individuals. Most expect a "Student Record" to include grades, transcripts, coursework, and other academic information, but we prefer the term "Student Profile" as we believe it encompasses a much more detailed picture of an individual student. Each should be linked to a unique identifier that follows a student not only from High School to College… but from College to College… and even into the professional world. A Student's overall education process would simply be more productive if these profiles started in high school. They should cover all aspects their participation in academics, extracurriculars, athletics, volunteer work, etc. that should follow them through to next phase of their life. With a unified information system, the admissions and registration process would be a breeze for not only students and high school counselors, but for colleges themselves as taggable, filterable, and compliant information could pass seamlessly from one entity to the next upon approval from the student.

Once in college, a student will benefit from a fully integrated experience that goes well beyond Course Management, Scheduling, and Calendars. Task lists, progress tracking, reporting, and an interactive notification system that covers all aspects of the college experience should be standard. And if students are to truly immerse themselves in a fully connected college environment, then professors, departments, facilities, counselors, health services, athletics teams, and even courses themselves need individual profiles so these students can properly engage with the overall institutional offering.

Student Financials

There isn't any nice way to say it… the cost of college in America is out of control with over $500 Billion spent on postsecondary education each year. Both students and colleges benefit from a Student Information System that enables a secure and efficient Financial Aid department linked directly to a student's overall profile. Easy access to scholarship opportunities, grant information, and an efficient loan process all tied to an interactive notification system is a must for the overall positive college experience.

Campus Community

The total college offering cannot truly be experienced without a deep-rooted connection to the campus community. A single access point is the perfect solution to all student activity that goes well beyond academics or student support. Every opportunity to become more immersed in the college campus life including clubs, extracurriculars, activities, athletics, performances, governance, engagements, retail offerings, and more should be easily accessed and piped to each student based on a variety of preferences… all of which are tied to their specific profile.


Video is the future. It is already playing a much larger role in people's lives on a day by day basis, but as video quality continues to improve, storage is still an issue for most platforms. College Fit Finder has already implemented a revolutionary video technology that allows a user to edit a video stored on public platforms by cutting clips, rearranging the order, adding graphics, text, etc. and sharing that new video or clip with others. There are no storage fees associated with the video and no copywrite issues. Just happy users. The application has limitless possibilities and could be applied seamlessly to the academic world. Classes could be dissected, cut, tagged, archived, and shared… without storage fees associated with the video. Everything would be accessed by the student's portal through the Student Information System including video recommendations from professors, interview introduction videos, and more… all attached a user's individual profile.

Data Compliance and Security

We have a patented compliance archiving and data platform with blockchain functionality and security controls. These unique security controls restrict access to application data by privileged database users, reducing the risk of insider and outside threats and addressing common compliance requirements. A students sensitive personal, financial and medical data has to meet the highest compliance standards such as SEC 17a-4 regulation which outlines requirements for data retention, indexing, and accessibility for Wall Street's financial companies.

Protect Sensitive Data

We provide powerful cyber security controls to help protect application data from unauthorized access and improve compliance with privacy and regulatory requirements. Our technology meets the blockchain requirement of "non-rewriteable" "non-erasable" digital media while enabling compliance for other less-strict government regulations.

Prevent Unauthorized Changes to the Database

Prevent malicious or accidental changes that disrupt operations to student user accounts. Our technology secures new and existing database environments, eliminating costly and time-consuming application changes.

Compliance: Write Once, Read Many (WORM)

Our compliant storage and archiving platform meets the strict requirement of SEC Rule 17a-4(f) that requires "non-rewriteable" "non-erasable" digital media while enabling compliance for other less-strict government regulations. We achieve this through retention functionality that allows customers to ensure data is not deleted during the specified retention period. Additionally, we provide student logging and audit reports to allow students, Universities, etc., to track the access and actions of their users and comply with the auditability requirements of regulations like HIPAA, SOX, and J-SOX.

Technology Advantage

Our technology has a number of features that will allow it to sustain a competitive advantage in the growing Student Information Systems cloud based market. We have been awarded a patent on the logging and reporting access to student data using unique content identifiers.

  • Patented and patent pending features
    • De-duplicates data
    • No file size limits
    • No scalability limits
  • Deployed on commodity hardware with open source software
  • Enterprise users and group functionality to control and grant access
  • Logging and audit reporting built in
  • File level retention policies for litigation holds, e-discovery and compliance
  • Extremely flexible architecture
    • Components can be hosted on site as appliances
    • Entire service can be deployed as a storage utility

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