These are the services we offer to assist our athletes

  • Customized Profile

    Would you walk into a job interview without a resume? Of course not. Our fully customizable player profile will showcase your talents and impress college coaches

  • Search

    Filter academic and athletic information to discover schools that you would have never researched. The program tells you which programs are the best fit for you.'

  • College Info

    Stop wasting your life away digging for college information. The College Fit Finder provides you with relevant academic and athletic data including coach contact info.

  • Favorites

    While researching schools, save programs of interest to your "Favorites" list. Add and subtract schools overtime to refine your list throughout the process.

  • History

    Communication with college coaches is vital in the process. Track and organize a history of all communication with each school so you can always present yourself as a viable recruit.

  • Calendar

    Your communication with college coaches automatically appears in the calendar view so you may visually hold yourself accountable for your work completed each month.

  • Compass

    Choosing your school can be stressful as it will have a major impact on the rest of your life. The "Compass" applies logic the decision and guides you to your best option.

  • Tasklist

    Falling behind in this process can be a death sentence. Players need a roadmap of how to navigate the system must stay on task to attain maximum results.

  • Structured Recruiting Process

    Every club talks about doing "more" for their players, but only the proactive make sure their players get to the college level. We provide the foundation so they can provide “more”.

  • Monitor Players / Staff

    Want to know which players are talking to which schools… or if a player actually followed up with that one school… or if a staff member is actually helping your players? Now you can.

  • Online Team Profile

    Each player is linked to a branded online team profile. Add team and club accomplishments. College coaches can click/view each player’s individual profile.

  • Printable Team Brochure

    Every team must have a professional brochure to hand out to college coaches at showcases. Simply have your players update their own info, click print, and you’re done.

  • Monitor Players

    Track how the players on your team are tackling the recruiting process by quickly sorting multiple dating points. Now you can hold them accountable for their actions.

  • Commitments Embed Code

    Brag about your club’s college commits by simply embedding a custom link on your own website. As your player’s commit, their photo and school logo automatically appears.

  • Player Dashboard

    Summary view of all communication with colleges and a breakdown of your awarded proactivity score based on your tasklist completion.

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  • Club Dashboard

    Summary view of how proactive your club as a whole is being in the recruiting process. Track the results so you can better sing your club’s praises to potential club recruits.

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A. A. If you are working with one of our partnered clubs, only a club administrator or a CFF staff member can make this change for you. You can email us at to switch teams. Please make sure to let us know the exact name of your new team.
A. A. When you log in, go to the General tab. On the bottom right, your public profile link is listed. You can send this link to coaches.
A. A. In order to have your video properly display on your profile, you need to first upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo. Then, copy the URL link to the video from that site and paste it into your College Fit Finder and click save. *Make sure on your YouTube or Vimeo account that the video is NOT listed as “Private” otherwise it will not display.
A. A. The team rating output is a formula based on the program’s past three-year record. The records come straight from the NCAA and/or NAIA websites.
A. A. Not all colleges or universities have every sport. The schools you can view in your College Fit Finder are only programs with your sport. It is possible the school you are searching for does not have your sport. If you feel this is a mistake, we can fix it for you. Just email us at
A. A. The College Fit Finder is $29.95 per month. If you have a group, team, club, or school interested in using the College Fit Finder, please contact for more information.
A. A. The academic information comes from reliable sources such as US News, the Princeton Review, and sometimes from the schools themselves. The athletic information comes from the NCAA, NAIA, and/or athletic departments. The information is updated each year to stay current.
A. A. You can recover your password by using the Forgot Password on the login page. If you're having trouble, feel free to email
A. A. The category of school, such as National University or Regional University comes from the US News school categories. The school ranking is the school’s ranking within the category.

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