Our mission is simple

get... you... to... 


We weren't the first, and we certainly won't be the last... but we are the best.  We are the next Generation of College Recruiting Tech.


We know it is a massive goal, but we are out to completely change the way the recruiting process is handled in America... 

We Get it, budgets are tight... so adding something else to the cost column can be tough.  We prefer a model that is different than our competitors that charge up to 20x more than us.  We simply prefer to be looked at as an asset... not an expense.   We want every player, every team, every club, and every organization in the country to adopt College Fit Finder as the recruiting program of choice.  The truth is, our system is worth a lot more than what we charge, but we would rather take a hit to our bottom line and help more kids get a shot at a college education.


We really just want to offer a lot more for a lot less.  

The recruiting process is tough... but not just for players.  It’s tough for parents, for clubs, for their staff and directors, and it is really tough for College Coaches... but it shouldn’t be.  We already have the solution... so our mission is to simplify everything for everyone by becoming the nation’s unifying hub of college recruiting.

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"College Fit Finder is the of Colleges and Athletes"

- Alejandra Flores, California Rush CAP Director 


As the dedicated college recruiting arm of our parent company, ACES Nation, College Fit Finder provides the tools needed to find a best fit college or university for our athletes and students at an affordable price. If recruiting is only a piece of what your club/organization needs, follow the link below to ACES Nation to explore complete coaching management solutions with the same philosophy in mind – accessibility, affordability, and high quality. Whether it is communication and planning features, eligibility tracking, performance training programs, or scholarship assistance, you can find it all at ACES Nation.

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We are completely changing the College Recruiting Process